Onze vrijwilligers

Overzicht van de vrijwilligers die op de Wij hebben gewerkt.


Maria and John came from Ireland. They helped me with plastering, with making new mosaic tiling and with sanding the stones for the floor of the new showers.

Maria en John uit Ierland hielpen me met leem stuccen, met het maken van mozaïek voor de douche op de eerste verdieping en met het glad schuren van de stenen voor de douchevloer.


Conor came from Ireland too; he helped me with cleaning the ceiling. A difficult job, because he needed to work above his head. No problems for him!

Simon,   Manon,   Ger,   Irma,   James.


Julia and Zé

Nicoli and Henrique


Adrienne Ho




Léa, november 2017


Léa, from France, worked on the tiling in the showers. She filled the joints of the mosaic and started with a new mosaic for the room at the first floor.

Léa uit Frankrijk vulde de voegen van de mozaïek in de douche op de zolder. En daarna begon ze met het maken van een nieuwe mozaïek voor de douche van de kamer op de eerste verdieping.


Anna and Lou helped me with tiling the shower on the studio. Nice energy of these girls that really formed a team.

Anna and Aymeric were there around new years eve 2016-2017. They were there to help me finding a balance. They shared willingly their insights of scheduling your life. And I will never forget they were there to keep my house when my mom died.

Arnaud gave me privacy! Among a lot of other things, he build a room separator from cloth and wood. He prepared wood for making the staircases.

Alice, thanks for everything!

Maxime helped me with all kind of jobs. And then we found the match: he played the piano at a lokal pub 😉. They were very happy with him too!


Andrea and Daniel


Joao came from Portugal, he thought he could make a wall, and he finally could!


United Kingdom

Naomi came from UK, a 18 year old girl. She learned in the week that she was here how to build a beam from concrete.

Leonie experienced for the first time in her life a sawing tool. She was ready to try and made a good work of the floor.

Alex and Natascha, open minded and open hearted people from the UK on a preparation trip before they are making their own business! Lots of skills these people shared with me!

Alex building a chicken castle!

Natascha made the sun

Tim, one of a triple! He wanted to stay strong and therefore he worked very hard on a tough job. He put the menure from the neighbours to the soil of the Wij.

Luke and Pippin bringing the male sheep to the females!


Maria, what a warm woman. Garden woman.





Luke and Pippin. They helped me with bringing the male sheep to the Wij.

South africa

Jamy, with his specific hat

United States of America

Jennie was the 50e volunteer. we just had to celebrate that!

Meaghan from Washington. Hard working and brave young lady. Not afraid to make new experiences and although she was a bit ill, she insisted on working. It was good to host her.

Jennie was a bit Dutch and with her positive vibes she had a good contribution to the project. She made a film of her experience, which will be shown in a couple of weeks.


Annaka and Bryce, just married in las Vegas. I learned a lot from them! They were really experts in a lot of things!



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